Philosophy and Policies


The mission of NU GLOBE SPORTS is to teach and encourage good sportsmanship and fair play through the promotion and support of Education and Sports for the young people of our community. NGS is fundamentally committed to the development of character and sportsmanship and believes that an athletic contest is an educational experience. Under the guidelines of the NGS Board, the coaches are to instill in each student athlete the elements of fairness, teamwork, self-control, courtesy and respect for the rules of the sport as well as the other participants and officials in the sport.


We do not create heroes or failures among participants who are too young to handle either role.

We exist for the benefit of all children. We do NOT exist for the benefit of the adults or a select group of children.

Each participant will learn the skill set of the sport they choose during the course of the events/competition. Equal Opportunity does not necessarily mean equal playing time.


  1. Provide a positive, fun-filled experience;
  2. Teach the participants the skills, rules, strategy and discipline of sports and encourage good sportsmanship, self-confidence and teamwork;
  3.  Promote healthy and safe physical activity for all participants;
  4.  Build character by offering a team experience, regardless of individual ability, stressing skill development and a positive attitude regardless of winning or losing;

We want to provide a learning experience for both sports skills and sportsmanship. We expect that our coaches and parents will not only teach this to the student athletes but also practice it themselves during the events/competition. By adhering to both the rules and philosophy of the program, the playing experience for all will improve resulting in competitive teams.

As adults we play an important role

As adults we must always keep in mind, regardless of the situation - that it is about ALL the children. Not just a single child, not your child, my child, a small group of children or a single team of children – it is about every single child in the program… regardless of ability, athleticism, skills, physical attributes, age, sex, race or any other factor. We as adults must always conduct ourselves in a professional and (proper) adult-like manner. Our expectations, attitudes, opinions and all other perceptions must remain in perspective that we are dealing with young children. In case you did not catch it the first time, please let us repeat… regardless of the situation, it is about ALL the children.

Develop - (de·vel·op verb): 

gain through experience, create by training and teaching; grow, progress, unfold, or evolve through a conducive environment; generate gradually; grow emotionally or mature;

Developmental - de·vel·op·men·tal: To Develop, the process of developing

Developmental Sports- The process of teaching sports by establishing and gradually building upon sound fundamental principles, training through repetition and allowing the student athlete to gain experience and grow in skills and confidence in a conducive, appropriate and safe environment.

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